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Acapulco Deep-in

In developing the WELLIS ACAPULCO DEEP-IN we have tried to meet the most uncompromising demands in terms of design and comfort.
This infinite edge design creates an extraordinary ambiance, the gently overflowing water keeping the spa brim full and always inviting - the luxury of a spa hotel in your own home.
With stunning underwater mood lighting and 3 powerful pumps you can choose anything between the tranquility of a spa oasis or full on party time with 6 or more friends or family - and all easily controlled from a handheld floating remote control.



Diameter: 2400mm

Shell material PU reinforced acrylic (6,3 mm)
Sitting places 6 persons
Water volume 1470 l
Net weight ~250 kg
Heating unit 1 (3kW/230V/50Hz)
Drain ¾”
Filter grid 1 set
  3×16A 230V/400V 50Hz optimum
1×32A 230V/50Hz minimum
Hydro massage pumps 3 × 2 HP 230V/50Hz
Silent hot air blower 300W+300W heater 230V/50Hz
Water circulation pump 1 × 0,3 HP 230V/50Hz
Control system Wellis Smart Touch
Total number of jets 40
Air jets 12
Air inlet regulators 3
UV-C water sanitizer 1
Chromotherapy lighting 1 lamp with 55 LEDs
Exclusive chromotherapy lighting 12 × 1 (LED)
Thermo cover 1

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Acapulco Deep-in

Xtreme™ winter cover Acapulco

For Acapulco spa. The Xtreme™ cover adds insulation value to the spa in a region of extreme snow and cold. Xtreme™ covers add approximately 5 cm of insulation above the standard cover. Relax, knowing the spa is safe and the heat is insulated, even in severe weather conditions.
Acapulco Deep-in

In.Clear Intelligent Spa Integrated System

The In.Clear water treatment system offers a smart, simple and economic solution that keeps your spa water safe, crystal clear and wonderfully pleasant for a whole year between water changes.
Acapulco Deep-in

Wellis SmartPhone remote application

With this app, you can ensure that your hot tub will be ready whenever you want to take a dip. Instead of going outside and pressing buttons on the topside panel, the app lets you start the tub and change settings from your smartphone or tablet.
Acapulco Deep-in

Additional heater (3 kW)

An extra heater is available for colder winter climates. This effectively doubles the heaters capacity to maintain high water bathing water temperatures in exceptionally cold environments. Please ask your dealers advice.
Acapulco Deep-in

Spa Wand

No matter how careful you are getting into your spa, some debris will always find its way into the water and sink to the bottom. Rather than wasting time and draining the water of your spa to clean it, grab your hand-held, portable Spa Wand and vacuum away the unwanted debris. Built with interchangeable nozzles, spa wands have the capacity to easily clean all spa surfaces at varying depths.
Acapulco Deep-in

Single button Auxiliary Control Panel

Single button Auxiliary Control Panel.
Acapulco Deep-in

Four button Auxiliary Control Panel

Four button Auxiliary Control Panel.
Acapulco Deep-in

MicroSilk® OXYGEN THERAPY™ System

The Beauty of OXYGEN THERAPY™ • Blankets your body with billions of oxygen-rich microbubbles • Gives your skin silky feeling Moisturizing and cleansing at the same time • Microbubbles enter pores and lift away impurities • Plumps and hydrates the skin • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
Acapulco Deep-in

Sand filter set for private use

Sand filter set for private use (6 m³/hour) (sand filter+circulation pump)
Acapulco Deep-in

Buffer tank 1000l

Buffer tank 1000l
Acapulco Deep-in

Wellis Spa Umbrella

This stylish umbrella lets you enjoy your spas regardless of the elements. Your are well covered rain or shine. Powder-coated aluminium construction and fade-resistant material make this superior umbrella both durable and stylish for years to come.