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Kongo swim spa

The special appearance of Kongo stainless steel swimspa model is unique in the market. The side staircase with its built-in massage functions provides a convenient way to relax, while you will receive a perfect swimming experience thanks to the new, turbine powered system. Whether you’re a fan of the sport or the spa, indulge both activities in Kongo.
The W-Power Turbine - instead of the 3 hydromassage pumps- is capable to spin 60-165 m3 water per hour. In contrast to standard swimspa pumps Kongo’s turbine produces by 75% less power consumption while delivering twice the amount of water.
The incredible performance combined with energy efficiency. Kongo is a long-term investment with an excellent UV-, frost and thermal stress resistant stainless steel material.




Materials 2 mm thick, acid-proof stainless steel
AISI 316L, DIN: 1.4404
Number of seats 2 sitting places
Water volume 9140 l
Net weight ~1100 kg
Heating unit 1 (3kW/230V/50Hz)
Drain ¾”
Side cover UV-proof, brushed surface side cover
Frame stainless steel
Power requirement:  
  32A 230V/400V 50Hz
Massage system:  
Hydro massage pump 1 × 2 HP one speed 230V/50Hz
Air blower Silent™ hot air blower
Circulation pump Prefiltering circulation
Swimming pump W-Power Turbine (50-160 liters/h)
Control system Wellis Easy4
Total number of jets 12
Air jets Hidden central jets
Water sanitization  
Water sanitization UV-C water sanitizer
  antimicrobial filter
Premium solution:  
Chromotherapy lighting central
Thermo cover 1